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Pt Soft is changing, and it's not only with the domain name.
In fact very briefly we'll be resuming our Web Design services along with a brand new Software Development initiative.
It's all starting very soon.

Tiago Dias

Pt Soft was born in 1996 with the aim of helping implement projects on the Internet. This help we provide is called Web Design, and it's not a brand new world for us but a whole Universe evolving for 3 years now.

The existence of Pt Soft is due totaly to one single person, myself (Tiago Dias), who started this project in order to provide quality Web Design services.

Until this moment my objectives have been satisfied, I have personal creations (as my poetry homepage) as well as commercial creations for companys (namely the Free Sites Network webpage, which has thousands of daily visits).

During this last year of work I attainned several important distintions in my country:

O Efeito de Estufa:
Road Ahead Contest from Microsoft
Top 5%
"Mais Ambiente"
Referenced in several Media

Site da ESEN:
Nónio Século XXI - Netd@ys
Highlight in PC-Format Magazine

Highlight in PC-Format Magazine

Other sites created by myself:
TheDruid's Poetry Corner
Free Sites Network
Clube de Anime Português
Link da Semana - The Smiths
Logidados, Informática e Serviços, Lda

Older projects:
first version of the Pt Soft website
ESCape Site of the Month

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