Each day since the divulgation of the referedum results more than 200 people died (on Monday), today THOUSANDS of people die every day at the hands of the indonesian military and the indonesian controled militias and the rates accelerate.

Show the WORLD
Some additional ways you can show the Timor to the world:
1. CNN.COM (Discussions and Polls)
BBC.CO.UK (Discussions and Polls)
MSNBC.COM (Discussions and Polls)
(Search these sites for Timor Discussion Boards and Voting Polls about Timor)

2. Send a message worldwide - search major engines for TV station's (etc.) emails, actors, musicians and foreign anonymous people:
Here's the text I've written for this
HELP in the IRC
PROTEST: irc.homelien.no - #indonesia; #bawel
PROTEST: irc.asianet.org - #indonesia; #bawel
Protesting: Use order phrases in English and show what you fell about Timor. You will eventually be banned from the channel, still fear not, to re-enter you need just either change your ident and nickname or your IP depending on the type of ban.

CHAT: irc.rccn.net - #timor (Português)

We're here to help change this, and we need your help. We need you to write to these entities showing your protest and grief. We've compiled together a list of the most important email addresses on this matter and built up an engine that will enable you to automatically send an email to each of these entinties just by entering your name and email.

TWO ways of helping:

1. Link this page from your site, email the url to friends, newsgroups, etc.
To link it just copy this code into your page:
<a href="http://ptsoft.net/timor/" target="_top">
<img src="http://ptsoft.net/timor/logo.jpg" border="0"></a>

Portuguese EMAILS banned
Some of these entities have closed their mail boxes to all emails sent from Portugal (*@*.pt) so we ask portuguese users to either use a free email like @hotmail.com, @yahoo.com which you can get in seconds or use an non existing email which seems real (??@aol.com, etc)
2. Email the UN (Kofi Annan), the US (President Bill Clinton), Jakarta (President B. J. Habibie and the military), China Foreign Ministry and the French President:

Securing the West part of Timor
Securing the West part of the island should be also considered a priority to avoid more deaths and torture, along with a more effective Humanitarian help to the living.
You just need to enter:
Your Name:
Your Email:

Message beeing sent:

This page is the resposability of Tiago Dias and has no other purpose than to change the situation in TIMOR LORO SAE.